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So, Vintage at Goodwood kicks off today, and our trip down magazine memory lane comes to an end in the 80s, with a copy of Blitz magazine.

Wrongly accused as a pale imitation of The Face, Blitz was a great reflection of the time, as this Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover testifies. First published in 1980, the magazine closed in 1991. This issue is from 1984, the year I moved to London to study design at the London College of Printing. Blitz, the Face and ID magazines were all very much part of my life then. Looking through this copy, I am amazed at the amount of mono pages – we just take full colour printing for granted now. Jeremy Leslie took over the design soon after this issue, and he now writes one of the best magazine blogs around – magculture.com

Enjoy Vintage at Goodwood! I will post up some spreads later from the magazines featured throughout the week.

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