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Vintage Goodwood – (a celebration of all that is great about British culture) begins on Friday. Brainchild of Wayne Hemingway (he of Red or Dead fame) – the festival will consist of music, fashion and all things cultural. I dearly want to go, but it is just too far to travel with the current workload we have.

Anyway, as a nod to the “New Festival of Britain” I am counting down with a magazine cover from each decade represented. Today it is the forties, and what better way to show that decade off than a copy of that great British institution, Vogue, from 1946. The simplicity of the cover is something to behold, compared to the quantity of cover lines seen on women’s magazines today. Amazing too, that just a year after the war ended in Europe, fashion was still very much to the fore.

Tomorrow it’s the fifties, and we finish on Friday with the eighties and a look inside all the magazines featured through the week.

So, what do you think ?

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