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SO Winter 2013

I was explaining our Scotland Outdoors subscriber cover to someone recently, and they had never even heard of the concept. In a nutshell, we design a retail cover, with barcode, cover lines and eye-catching cover image to help us stand out on the crowded newsstand.

For our loyal subscribers, however, we choose an alternative image (also eye-catching), but rather than splash it with cover lines and competitions, we leave the picture to do the talking. After all, they’ve already bought the magazine – why should we ram the content down their throats? Here’s our current issue.

scot outdoors sub

In actual fact, the idea of covers with less type isn’t a new one – as I discovered when I came across this vintage issue of Homes & Gardens from 1939. Mind you, they have sold an advertisement above the logo. Is nothing sacred?

Homes & gardens

Here’s another. This time House & Garden from 1960.

House & garden

So, what do you think ?

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