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Here’s a great piece of design for a play that I saw recently at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. The play was called Kill Johnny Glendenning, and the only way to describe it is if Quentin Tarantino had been brought up in Glasgow. It is brilliant!

Anyway, Edinburgh design agency The Union came up with this brilliant programme for the play, made to look like a tabloid newspaper, with headlines, fake ads and information about the cast disguised as news stories.

It’s all done really well, just using black and a spot red throughout.

front page spread

The designs even made their way to beermats in the bar, and at the interval, a fake Amazon page was projected onto the fire curtain, with Johnny Glendenning’s biography for sale. I really enjoyed the whole experience.


You can still catch a performance as the play is now at the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow until Saturday 8 November 2014. It’s so good, I’m going again!

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