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Woman's Journal Xmas

Here’s another festive cover from my time as designer on Woman’s Journal. It was 1989 and I’d just left college – so it was my first proper job earning proper money.

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Deirdre Vine (ex-editor of teen mag 19), had been tasked with giving this elderly title a shake-up, so she brought in Delilah Lemon (ex-art director of 19), and she hired me. My first jobs were to paint the beige filing cabinets yellow, install a massive parasol in the 12th floor office and make copious amounts of tea. Oh, and learn how to use Pagemaker on a Mac.

The re-design was perhaps a step too far for many of the 220,000 or so dedicated readers. Although elegant and of the moment – we did have some complaints about the size of the text… The magazine lost ground to the new womens’ magazines launched at the end of the eighties – namely Marie Claire and Elle – eventually closing in 2001.

So, what do you think ?

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