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And so the sun sets on aurora magazine, our inflight magazine for Highland Airways. With the airline in administration, all flights cancelled and aircraft grounded, it seems certain that a rescue at this stage is impossible. We knew the company was in trouble, but rumours of a new investor seem unfounded.We were poised to send the spring 2010 edition to print today, and we have all worked very hard making this issue the best yet. A shame that none of it will be seen. Maybe there is an airline out there that wants an inflight magazine? We have one ready.

We had a lot of fun putting this publication together and we have worked with some excellent writers, photographers and illustrators. Matt’s design was brilliant, and the clouds on the cover an inspired idea! Even the bastard size was well thought out based on weight restrictions and seat pocket size. We are determined to re-purpose the title in some way for another client, so watch this space.

So, what do you think ?

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